About Us
The Cardiff Group of Advanced Motorists is a voluntary organisation and a charity, we are affiliated to IAM RoadSmart in London.
In 2013 the group celebrated its 50th anniversary and hopefully will be as successful during the next 50 years.
During our Annual General Meeting held every December our Committee Members are ellected for the following year and undertake various
roles. Click the Committee tab on the left hand side for more information.
The group consists of full members, (who have passed their IAM test) and Associate members (who are preparing to pass the Advanced test).
If you require any more information about the group, please contact our group Membership Co-ordinator on 07586 338009 or email
What We Do
The group offers practical advice on how to improve your driving and becoming a safer driver, when you join the group by purchasing a
package called "Advanced Driver Course".
Once you have purchased your package, you will then be assigned to one of our observers who will take you out in your own car
and give you advice on what is required to pass the test.
    The group meets on the first Thursday of every month (except July and August), where we have different speakers and demonstrations about
    various topics.
    During the year the group attends varoius events across our region to promote road safety.