Group Observers
The group have got fifteen Observers who are actively involded in preparing our Associate members to take their IAM RoadSmart test. The
observers come from a wide range of backgrounds and have been trained to the same in-house standard.
Some of our Observers have taken this one step further by taken a further test with an IAM RoadSmart examiner to become National Observers.
All our Observers are dedicated to road safety and their primary aim is to prepare the Associate for the Advanced Driving Test.
Below are details of our National and Local Observers:-
National Observer & Assessor
Stephen Brennan (Chief Observer)
Jonathan Coldman
Phil Freegard
National Observer
David James
Local Observer
Become A Local Observer
Ken Abram
    John Beadsworth
Become A National Observer    
  Gordon Blythe
    Peter Cartwright
    Gareth Davies
    George Grant
    Edwin Griffith
    Kelvin James
    Edward Parker
    Mike Shackell
    Barri J. Williams