Group Privacy Statement
There are new data protection laws coming in to force form 25th May 2018. These laws are termed the General Data Protection Regulations
As with all organisations in the UK, the Cardiff Group of Advanced Motorists (Cardiff IAM) must comply as we hold personal information on our
members (names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, payment details and membership numbers). Personal information is also
termed personal data under GDPR.
Processing and controlling personal information
Under GDPR the Cardiff IAM is seen as data controller and data processor since we both control the information held and use (process) the
information to keep you informed and collect subscriptions.
Legal basis for controlling and processing the personal data
The legal basis for controlling and processing personal information (data) is under a contract. A contract exits between you and Cardiff IAM
because you pay a membership fee to be part of the Cardiff IAM Group even though there may not be a written agreement in place (a separate
contract exists between you and IAM Roadsmart). As part of this contract it is understood that we will provide you with information about the
    group, events, social meetings, committee meetings, AGMs and periodic newsletters.
    How we keep your information
    All personal information held by Cardiff IAM is held securely and will not be passed to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so. Your
    personal information may be passed internally within the group to known observers so that they can contact new associates to commence and
    continue with their driver training. Associate personal information may also need to be passed to other IAM groups when an associate moves
    areas or wishes to have observed runs outside of the Cardiff area.
    Your personal information will be kept for as long as you remain a member (by renewing your subscriptions). We will remove your personal
    information if you do not renew your membership or tell us you are not renewing.
    Your right to withdraw
    Under GDPR we must provide you with an option to withdraw from part of this contract. Click here to download our Withdrawal Norm. This means
    you may request that we do not use your personal information to keep you informed on the Cardiff IAM group’s activities
    and on receiving newsletters. In such cases and when informed in writing by you,
    we will remove your information to prevent you receiving further correspondence. You will be offered this option to withdraw on
    each subscription renewal since the contract will renew annually.
    Under the contract that exists between us, you are not able to withdraw your consent for use of your personal information for ongoing membership
    subscriptions notification and collection, unless you wish to no longer be a member of the group.
    Please note that IAM Roadsmart is separate to Cardiff IAM and personal data held by IAM Roadsmart is managed separately to Cardiff IAM.
    By exercising your right of withdrawal from part of the contract you will still remain a member of the group but we will not send communications to
    you about meetings, events, newsletters, etc. We will send fresh forms each renewal of your membership subscription (i.e. each renewal of your
    contract with Cardiff IAM) for you to renew your withdrawal otherwise your personal data may be added back into the mailing distribution lists.
    Other rights
    You also have the right at any time to:

• ask for a copy of the information about you held in our records


• require us to correct any inaccuracies in your information, and


• make a request to us to delete what personal information of yours we hold if it not relevant to the contract.

    If you would like to exercise any of your rights above please contact the Cardiff IAM using the email address or submit a written request to the Chairperson at one of our group meetings.
    Contact Information Commissioner’s Office
    Should you wish to complain about the use of your information, please contact us to resolve this matter in the first instance. You also have the right
    to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office in relation to our use of your information. The Information Commissioner’s contact details :
    are noted below
    Information Commissioner’s Office
    2nd Floor, Churchill House
    Churchill Way
    CF10 2HH
    Telephone: 029 2067 8400