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Group Committee 2024

The committee of the Cardiff Group of Advanced Motorists are elected every December at the groups Annual General Meeting. All the committee members are all volunteers and take on various roles within the group. Without all the good work that the committee members undertake, the group will not run. If you have any querries with regards the group committee or would like to join our committee, please contact our chair.


Chair   Vice-Chair   Secretary
Jonathan Coldman   Kevin Roberts   Barri Williams
Chair@cardiffiam.co.uk   Vicechair@cardiffiam.co.uk   Secretary@cardiffiam.co.uk
Treasurer   Membership   IT Officer
Ed Griffith   Graham Booth   Kevin Roberts
Treasurer@cardiffiam.co.uk   Membership@cardiffiam.co.uk   ITOfficer@cardiffiam.co.uk
GDPR Data Manager   Group Liaison Officer   Gift Aid
Kevin Roberts   Barri Williams   George Grant
GDPR@cardiffiam.co.uk   LO@cardiffiam.co.uk   Giftaid@cardiffiam.co.uk
Chief Observer   Social Media Officers   Newsletter Editor
Stephen Brennan   Dee Bolt   Malcolm Stewart