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When you become a member of IAM RoadSmart as an Associate or a Full member you can then join the Cardiff group. We are a friendly and fun group with over 130+ members. We take pride in helping our Associate members to pass their Advanced Driving Test and then becoming full members of the group.

The group is fully committed to improving road safety standards where ever possible.


Membership costs with CardiffIAM

To maintain your group membership with CardiffIAM, you will need to renew your membership every year. Our membership costs are:

Full Membership £10.00

Associate Membership: £15.00

The group can only accept payments by Cheque, Standing Order or Direct Transfer.

Please be aware that if your membership with IAM RoadSmart becomes "expired", your membership with the Cardiff group will also become "expired" until your membership with IAM RoadSmart has been reinstated/renewed.


Our renewal notices:

When your membership with CardiffIAM is up for renewal, you will receive e a renewal notice by post or by email from our Membership Co-ordinator 3 - 4 weeks before your membership expires.

CardiffIAM uses three types of notices that you may receive:-

Renewal notice
This notice is used to remind you that your membership is due to be renewed

Overdue notice
This notice is a reminder that your membership has expired and needs to be renewed as soon as possible

Friendly final reminder
This notice is used as a final reminder saying that your membership has expired and has not been renewed. If your payment has not been recieved after 14 days of the letter, your membership will become expired and you will no longer be a member of the group.

Please note that the above membership costs are for CardiffIAM only. Your membership cost for IAM RoadSmart is completely separate. If you would like to pay your IAM RoadSmart membership, please see below.


Membership costs with IAM RoadSmart

IAM Renewal Notice
IAM RoadSmart membership is open to any driver who passes the Advanced test. To renew your membership, click onto the image on the left.